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Payment:  no jobs on credit!

Payment before i leave your property.  If i need to return again to finish the job, payment is required for hours already worked/minimum charge.  No exceptions.

If you unable to make the payment in person, the person at the property can make the payment.  If not possible, an advanced payment will have to be made (NO PayPal)

* Cash or instant direct bank transfer (payment before i leave your property) 



(I don't wear a mask)  

(Instead of taking of my shoes i will wear shoe covers if needed)  


T & C’s: 

*legal action (small claims court) for non or partial payment 

*If you have a valid complaint regarding my service/work i have done, feel free to talk to me, hopefully we can find a solution; e.g. partial refund, correct mistakes 

*prices are subject to change

*charge is from arrival to departure

* breaks are not charged, this excludes min charges (will be worked in, if break is taken within the min. charge period)

* Cancelation fees (£60- £100) might apply if less then 24 hours notice is given (If booking is done on short notice (same day/next day appointments), cancelation fees will still apply) 

* Rescheduling is fine, please give at least 24 hours notice otherwise fees (£60- £100) might apply.

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